The stuff downloaded for iTunes like TV shows, music and videos are protected by DRM protection, which means you cannot directly burn them on DVD to play on your DVD Player. However
some of the videos and audio files on iTunes are DRM-free. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to burn you DRM protected data and non-DRM data on to a DVD.

Methods to Burn DRM Protected and DRM-free Videos and Audio File to DVD

There are basically two methods to burn iTunes files to DVD. One is to use a multi-purpose media converter and burner like Video Converter Ultimate. The second method is to first use a software to remove the DRM protection from the purchased videos, movies and TV Shows and then with the help of any disc burner, burning the DRM-free files to DVD. Below is the detailed description of both methods.

1. Use a Single Software to remove DRM protection and then burn

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is multipurpose software which creates DVDs, acts as Video converter, YouTube downloader and a DRM remover. So you can use this single software to remove the DRM protection and then burn the DRM-free data to a DVD.
Download Video Converter into computer and install it. Launch the software and then click on “Add Files” on the top of the window. Select the DRM-protected iTunes files which are to be burned in DVD. Once the files are imported, you will have to set the output format and quality and then click on “Start”. It will take some time to free the files from DRM protection. Now the next step is to burn the iTunes DRM-free files on a DVD. Go to the Burn tab on the top of the window, you will see a list of templates for Menu of DVD. Select any one which you like and click on “Burn”. Sit back and relax while the burning process takes place. The time to burn a single DVD depends upon the size of the selected iTunes video and its quality.

2. Use any DRM-removal software and then Burn the DRM-free videos to DVD by using any DVD burning tool.

The second method is also similar to the first method except that we have to use two different software for converting iTunes videos and audio files to DVD. You will have to use a DRM-removal tool like Aimersoft DRM removal to make the iTunes files free from DRM restrictions first. The next step will be to use any free DVD Burning software to convert these files in DVD.
Download Aimersoft DRM removal to your computer and install it. Launch the program and select the video of audio files to remove DRM from them. Once the process is done, you are ready to go to the next step.
The next step is very easy to perform. Use Aimersoft DVD Creator to burn the iTunes DRM-free files to DVD. Click on import on the top of window, select the DRM-free video of audio files. Now you can see the preview of these videos. Make certain changes or editing in the video if you want to and then click on “Burn”. It will take some time to burn the files on DVD depending on the size of the file. Finally you are done with the burning process. Enjoy you DVD copy of iTunes videos, movies and TV shows.